VK3 Amateur Radio

I was introduced to Amateur Television when I discovered the reception of VK3RTV fast scan TV on Channel 35+ during the early 1990s.

VK3RTV: Melbourne Amateur Television Repeater during 1991

This is a photo of me adjusting the receive antenna during my youth in 1991. I used an 18 element Yagi UHF Band 4 antenna to receive VK3RTV in Rye.

VK3RTV Receiver antenna in Rye during 1991

VK3RTV Receiver antenna in Rye during 1991

This is the reception path of Mount Dandenong from Rye. My receive antenna was pointed towards the North East and was 80km from the 10 watt transmitter.

VK3RTV Reception Path in Rye

VK3RTV Reception Path in Rye

The following videos where recorded from VK3RTV Analogue Channel 35+ during 1991.

The first 3 videos show VK2TVG from Sydney conducting a nationwide test transmission using AUSSAT from Wednesday night November 27 1991. The AUSSAT feed was forward to VK3RTV by VK3JDA.

VK2TVG via AUSSAT via VK3JDA via VK3RTV during 1991

The last 2 videos show VK3RTV identification screens. The repeater displays "VK3RTV" with an equivalent audible Morse. Then you can hear the DTMF codes being entered to remotely control the repeater output.

VK3RTV Channel 35+ DTMF Identifications